“Why can’t a smart woman be fashionable?”


The other night I sat at my boyfriends bar to grab a bite and watch him work – as I often do – while I simultaneously attempted to shake the unwanted attention from a couple of guys that happened to sit down next to me. One was challenging the others to a riddle and he asked me if I wanted to join in trying to solve it. Not wanting to be rude – I said sure – and a couple minutes after he recited it (and stated that I shouldn’t worry if I don’t get it – he didn’t get it on his first try either) I had already solved it. I kept the solution to myself for a good ten minutes as I really didn’t want to be a part of their conversation. I wanted to eat my delicious burger, sip some wine, and stare at my loving boyfriend while he worked. However, eventually they roped me back in by quizzing everyone to see if they had solved it yet. His friends had not. I said that I had. I got the answer correct and he seemed shocked.

“Wow – you’re like the smartest woman I know.. ::pause:: What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a fashion designer.”

As quickly as I had lost the attention of his male counterparts – I gained the attention of the only female in the group. And as I explained the concept behind SmartGlamour – she immediately went into her own trials and tribulations with shopping and the fit of clothes. A petite woman in height and weight, she started describing how certain proportions of her body made it difficult to find bottoms that fit properly. I knew exactly where she was coming from as this is the exact same reaction I get from every woman who listens to me explain SmartGlamour’s philosophy – regardless of their height, weight, age, or ethnicity. And as she went on – I felt a pang of sincere happiness that what I’ve chosen to do for a living – and the business I’ve decided to create – will really help people.

And since I am a fairly smart lady, I could have a design desk job – like I used to – and get promotions and be very successful. Or I could have gotten a job in math or science or finance and made a really great living. Instead – I endlessly apply to freelance jobs and answer Craigslist responses to my tailoring ad. I stay up late and get up early. I sew and create art day in and day out to make a living. And every once in awhile – a stranger reinforces the idea that I’ve made the right choice and that I’m working towards something amazing.

Something that will make women stop blaming themselves for proportions they were born with and pieces of fabric held together with string that have absolutely no correlation to the size of their hearts, talent in their fingers, or determination in their mind. Measurements are just numbers – and you can control not only how they make you feel – but also the clothing you put onto your body.

Take the power back. Tell the country and the world that you don’t accept their standard of beauty.

Create your own and live by that instead.


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