SmartGlamour, Serendipity, and the City


It’s a small world.

Two coincidental NYC-interactions happened to me today, which allude to a larger point:

  1. A family I saw on the subway yesterday was at McDonald’s today in Times Square. What are the chances? I think we really enjoy our strawberry banana smoothies…and McChickens (at least I do).


  1. While waiting to be interviewed at a restaurant (henceforth, restaurant A), I learned from the other woman, who was also waiting, that she was hired last night at Restaurant B.


This woman thought she would interview at Restaurant A, while Restaurant B sorted out hiring details. She began talking details about Restaurant B that sounded oddly familiar.

I asked her for the name of Restaurant B, and turns out, Restaurant B is the same restaurant I was hired at earlier in June (side note: I ended up not accepting the job). What are the chances? Of all the NYC restaurants, we interviewed for the same position at not one, but two of the same restaurants.

Today’s coincidences reminded me of the importance between our interactions with not just loved ones, but with passersby.

In spreading the message of body positivity, SmartGlamour builds a vast network of connections. This network is relatively easy to communicate: what woman (man or person) has not experienced negative self-talk or body-hate? I believe SmartGlamour’s message of social change through fashion deeply resonates with many of us, which has mass appeal. And the best part? CLOTHES fit for YOU (I mean, FINALLY, am I right, sista friends?)

SmartGlamour and its pioneer, Mallorie, connect us through our conversations of acceptance and through our fashion and personal style. This is the first time I’ve felt truly in my skin. I’ve removed the cloud of self-judgment and feel a lot more at ease partly due to my SmartGlamour clothes. I’ve never felt so good wearing clothes. I don’t worry about how I look because I know these clothes were made for me.

The relinquishing of my self-judgment cloud has made my observations of life and our connections much more apparent. If it weren’t for my confidence and belief, I may not have seen that family on the subway or specifically, watched the husband give money to a man who was clearly starving for a meal. I wouldn’t have approached this husband and his family at McDonald’s, to mention how serendipitous it was to see them twice in two days in different locations across the city.

Maybe I wouldn’t have spoken with the woman at Restaurant A because she was considered my competition.

I’m in my skin. I’m owning me, and I’m seeing the world through different lenses.

There’s a lot of love and good in this world, and we are eerily connected. The beauty is, what message are you going to spread? What ripple effect are you going to create? Because your loved ones and the passersbys are watching and listening and wanting you to make a move.

Join us in SmartGlamour: the momentum is building.

-Allie Duarte

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