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SGtips wrote an article entitled “11 Things All Insanely Stylish People Do” and we think that 8 of them are fabulous SmartGlamour tips we would have suggested to you anyway! So whether you consider yourself a style maven – or you just want to look your best in the easiest way possible (key word easy) – check out these SmartGlamour approved tips for knocking it out of the ball park.

Invest in Quality Pieces

And by quality – I don’t mean designer. And I don’t mean hundreds of dollars for a t-shirt. Spend some time researching your clothes. Where are they made? Who is making them? And what are their work conditions like? How is it possible that I can get this top for only $6.95?! Because it’s going to fall apart after 3 washes. Buy better. Invest. Don’t fall victim to fast fashion and end up donating your worn out clothes to 2nd hand stores – to only have them resold to 3rd world countries. Help artisans here and abroad. Have less, and do more with it.

Create your Own Uniform

And by this we don’t mean – wear the same thing every day, Doug Funnie style. We simply mean – have a look that screams you. Many of my closest fashionable lady friends have looks so distinct to themselves that I could probably go shopping for any of them and get it right on the nose. As I’m sure they could for me. It’s because we’ve established what we love, what works, and we keep doing it. You don’t need to follow every trend that comes along – stick with what makes you feel good.

Create Multiple Combinations

This tip – SmartGlamour pieces are perfect for – mix and match, girl. You can wear the same top a number of ways: jeans, trousers, pencil skirt, A-Line skirt, maxi skirt – you already have 5 outfits right there. You don’t need to have a closet bursting full of clothes to have great style. Mix and match the quality pieces that look amazing on you and you’ll never go wrong. (Insider SG tip – clean out your closet – if you haven’t touched it in a year, not counting evening wear, toss it.)

Elevate Basics with Accessories

Basics are easy and simple – that’s why they are basics. That’s why they can so easily mix and match with other pieces. But you don’t always need to wear the same outfit in the same way. Change the game with your accessories. Statement necklace one day, dangling earring the next. Wear your skinny jeans with cute flats – then change it up the next time with a great heel. Switch up your purse, rings, bracelets – you name it. Accessories are like decorations – enjoy them!

Know What Works Best for your Body

It is simple math that all of our bodies can be measured by numbers. And while I am in full support of the fact that those numbers should emotionally mean diddly squat. I am also in full support of the fact that you should know your proportions. Your body should look in balance. Know the best hem length for yourself, the best natural waist point, the best rise of a jean. If you know that high waist, wide leg pants look incredible on you – then go with that silhouette! Buy 3 in different fabrics and colors – rock each of them in 5 different amazing ways. That’s 15 outfits that will all look great. The tape measure is your friend, not your enemy. Know your body, love your body, and dress it accordingly. (Insider SG tip – stay tuned for a video blog about measuring tips, empowerment through body knowledge, and the announcement of a contest!)

Be Confident

I can not stress this one enough. You know the woman who always looks put together and fabulous in your eyes? How does she stand? Where does she place herself in a room? Is she hunched over, hiding? Is she shying away in a corner? No. The reason you think she looks so great is because she is owning what she has on. Embrace your body, your look, your beauty, your clothes, your decisions. You left the house in those leopard stilettos – stomp them out like you made them yourself. People will notice the difference. Actions speak louder than words.

Own a Signature Makeup Look

And that signature look can be natural – or no makeup – let me first state. Feel confident about the way you present yourself. But also have fun with makeup! Head to the makeup store and try on the samples. Experiment. When you find what works – stick to it. I am not a makeup expert – and I really don’t like to wear much. No one wants cake on their face. But having fun with a bold lip color is my specialty and I rock it often. You don’t need special permission to wear red lipstick – you can wear it anywhere, like to the grocery store. I do. (Insider SG tip – check out our previous post about how to pull off red lips – because yes, anyone can – Embrace the Red)

Don’t Take it Too Seriously

Last but not least – don’t take any of this too seriously. Have. Fun. Enjoy. Yourself. Being happy is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. And as an old woman in a laundromat in Brooklyn told me once almost 6 years ago – you don’t have to wait to be happy. You don’t have to wait to look good – to know yourself – to love your body. You can do it right now. Make the decision. Change. If you don’t like where you are, move. And if you need help – ask for it. Everyone finds themselves at different stages of their lives. That’s okay. But you only have one body – and one life – so you better start loving it now. It won’t last forever.


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