The Amelia Graphic T-Shirt


This awesome graphic T-Shirt is the perfect statement piece. Choose your verbiage and express yourself!

Ordering a set size? Please take a look at our Sizing Chart and choose based on your current measurements. Remember – measurements and sizes mean nothing aside from how much fabric and thread is needed to create your garment. Please note that due to the endless color/word combinations and hand printed verbiage – these tees can not be exchanged due to an incorrect size being chosen, please be sure to double check your measurements before ordering.

Interested in customizing this order but unsure about how to measure? Visit our How to Order page for tutorial videos. Then enter your measurements in the appropriate boxes below. For sleeves customizations, feel free to add a general sleeve type instead of a measurement (short sleeve, elbow length, 3/4 length, long sleeve, etc) and I will make the sleeve according to your size choice.

This graphic tee is made of jerseys. For further information on our fabric types – stretch, weight, drape, comfort, etc – scroll down to read more.


Adjust Hem Length

Enter your custom measurement here. How to order

Bust to Waist Ratio

Do you have a hard time fitting your bust because of your waist or vice versa? Choose this customization and get the perfect bust to waist ratio fit.

Custom Verbiage

Add your own custom word! 10 letter limit. No hateful words.

Make it a Dress (Full Skirt)

Turn this T-shirt into a dress with a waist seam and full skirt!

Make it a Dress (Fitted Skirt)

Turn this T-shirt into a dress with a seamless fitted silhouette!

Adjust Sleeve Length

Enter your custom measurement here.

Custom Garment Size

Enter your custom measurements here.


This amazing graphic tee comes in multiple jersey colors.

The white, black, pink, light blue, coral, blue, yellow, lilac, and gray jerseys are cotton/poly/spandex blends – highly stretchy and comfortable.

Additional information


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Black Feminist, Black Survivor, Black Babe, Black Lady, Black Boss, Black Human, Black Enough, Black Fearless, Black Ask First, Black They/Them, Black Femme, Black Proud, Black Poly, Black Dyke, Black Queen, Black King, Black Fluid, Black Queer, Silver Feminist, Silver Survivor, Silver Babe, Silver Lady, Silver Boss, Silver Human, Silver Enough, Silver Fearless, Silver Ask First, Silver They/Them, Silver Femme, Silver Proud, Silver Poly, Silver Dyke, Silver Queen, Silver King, Silver Fluid, Silver Queer, Gold Feminist, Gold Survivor, Gold Boss, Gold Lady, Gold Babe, Gold Human, Gold Enough, Gold Fearless, Gold Ask First, Gold They/Them, Gold Femme, Gold Proud, Gold Poly, Gold Dyke, Gold Queen, Gold King, Gold Fluid, Gold Queer, Custom Word – Black, Custom Word – Gold, Custom Word – Silver, Custom Word – Teal, Teal Feminist, Teal Suvivor, Teal Babe, Teal Lady, Teal Boss, Teal Human, Teal Enough, Teal Fearless, Teal Ask First, Teal They/Them, Teal Femme, Teal Proud, Teal Poly, Teal Dyke, Teal Queen, Teal King, Teal Fluid, Teal Queer, Metallic Pink Feminist, Metallic Pink Survivor, Metallic Pink Babe, Metallic Pink Lady, Metallic Pink Boss, Metallic Pink Human, Metallic Pink Enough, Metallic Pink Fearless, Metallic Pink Ask First, Metallic Pink They/Them, Metallic Pink Femme, Metallic Pink Proud, Metallic Pink Poly, Metallic Pink Dyke, Metallic Pink Queen, Metallic Pink King, Metallic Pink Fluid, Metallic Pink Queer, Metallic Teal Feminist, Metallic Teal Survivor, Metallic Teal Babe, Metallic Teal Lady, Metallic Teal Boss, Metallic Teal Human, Metallic Teal Enough, Metallic Teal Fearless, Metallic Teal Ask First, Metallic Teal They/Them, Metallic Teal Femme, Metallic Teal Proud, Metallic Teal Poly, Metallic Teal Dyke, Metallic Teal Queen, Metallic Teal King, Metallic Teal Fluid, Metallic Teal Queer, Red/Orange Feminist, Red/Orange Survivor, Red/Orange Babe, Red/Orange Lady, Red/Orange Boss, Red/Orange Human, Red/Orange Enough, Red/Orange Fearless, Red/Orange Ask First, Red/Orange They/Them, Red/Orange Femme, Red/Orange Proud, Red/Orange Poly, Red/Orange Dyke, Red/Orange Queen, Red/Orange King, Red/Orange Fluid, Red/Orange Queer


Crew Neck, Rounded V Neck


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