On the Average.

Everyone has a different relationship with their body. But just how different, exactly?

As women – we often discuss how we feel with one another on a number of topics, and we all too often express purely negative sentiments about ourselves and sometimes our self worth. Someone pays you a passing compliment? We laugh, we deny, we protest. And usually follow it up with a negative come back.

But how do we really feel about ourselves? Obviously this changes daily. Our opinions ebb and flow all the time and there are a number of factors contributing to why we feel the way we do.

I can only speak for myself. So I asked my ladies to chime in – anonymously – on average, how do you feel about your body? The answers were all over the spectrum and definitely interesting.

Healthy, good-ish, exhausted, strong, comfortable, womanly, satisfied, dissatisfied, conflicted, lucky, loose, mystifying, spell-binding, human, capable, dense, empowered.

Now I’ll pose some additional questions:

Why do you feel this way? Have you changed your mind? Would you have given a different answer if I asked you today? Do you wish you could change your word? Or are you happy with it? How could you go about changing it? What would you want to say or ask someone else – according the to word they chose?

If you aren’t a part of this list – what would your word be? Add it anonymously in the comments!

There is no wrong answer. The only person you’re responsible for is yourself.

You don’t have to wait to be happy. If you don’t like where you are – move.

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