Embrace the Red.

As promised last week – here is my mini-tutorial for rockin’ red lips.

Now I am no makeup maven. My typical day to day routine includes just BB cream, spots of concealer, mascara, and “Carmindy White” (white shimmer eyeshadow placed sparingly at the corners of my eyes – the name is attributed to the makeup artist Carmindy from What Not to Wear.)

But one thing I do play with, and often, is lipstick (and the occasional winged eyeliner.)  Red is my personal favorite, while coral and deep rose are a close second and third, and every time I wear red – inevitably – someone tells me “Oh, I could never wear red lipstick.”

Ladies – that is a false statement. So I’m going to tell you how to do it.

1. (The most important step.) Be confident about it. Bright red lips are dramatic and they are going to change your face (within reason) – get used to it, rock it, and everyone will love it – I guarantee.

2. Find the right shade. Not every color complexion looks great with every shade of red. Your hair color also comes into play – but not too strongly. Here’s a guide:

The palest of pale? Cool reds are the way to go (those with a blue undertone.) For a super dramatic look – throw on a super deep, dark plum-ish color.

A little tanner, with pink undertones? Cool reds will be best for you.

Same amount of tan as above, but with yellow undertones? Go for warm reds.

Olive skin? Warm reds are a safe bet.

Sunkissed tan? Warm reds are the best option.

Caramel? Warm reds to match your skin.

Almond? Cool reds are meant for you. Bright colors will also stand out beautifully against darker skin tones!

As for what kinds of lipsticks to buy – I am a serious believer in drug store brands. The problem is – with most drug stores – you can’t try them on pre-purchase. I suggest going to a “fancier” store (MAC, Sephora, etc) and trying shades on – be it on your hand, or your lips – then keeping a swipe of that color to find it’s drug store match.

When it comes to longevity – I’ve started leaning toward lip stains. I love red lipstick – but I don’t care for constantly wiping it off of my boyfriend’s face when I give him a kiss. The lip stain that takes the cake is Sephora brand – basic lip stain. And my favorite shade is 01 Always Red. Only $12!

For tips on how to apply – right this way:

I always start with smearing a bit of color on the center of my bottom lip. For the best, long wear results apply the stain without a ton of chapstick on your lips prior – and wait for it to dry before eating or drinking.


Smoosh your lips together to get some of the color onto your upper lip.

Then start shading in your upper lip “points” – the stain applicator is super easy to draw in exactly where you want.


Next – fill in the missing side areas of your upper lip with the applicator.


And now do the same with the bottom. Use the applicator to draw a smooth bottom lip line.


Voila! You’re done. Let it set and you are good to go all day or night.


Now there’s no more excuses girls. Rock some red!

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  1. Jaime June 21, 2013 at 4:35 PM #

    You made me want to try red 🙂

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