Blame the Clothes, Not your Body.

In a broad, stereotypical, generic sense – women like to shop. However, there are a lot of women who also dread it. They don’t like to try things on – they feel like it’s impossible for them to find things that fit – or they have trouble putting outfits together. To many – shopping can be overwhelming and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the stores:

  • Don’t take clothes personally. We’ve all been there – you walk into the store and see something beautiful on the mannequin but when you put it on your body – it doesn’t look the same. This is not your fault – nor is it your body’s fault. There are a million different silhouettes in women’s clothing – and they aren’t all made for every body type. If a dress isn’t hanging right – or the waist seam isn’t at a flattering spot – or the sleeves are too snug – take it off and move onto the next.
  • Make the clothes work for you. Pants too long? Sleeves too short? Dress slightly too large at the waist? Clothes can be altered. Easily. Look at the inside – how much hem is in the pants? Can they be let out? Is the dress a simple silhouette that could easily be taken in? Tailors can be your best friend. If you absolutely love a piece – but there’s one thing off – get it fixed. Good clothes are all about fit. And who doesn’t want a custom tailored outfit? (Shameless plug sidenote – I’m a seamstress and tailor here in NYC – need something fixed? Hit me up on the contact page.)
  • Consider your body type. Embrace your body. Everyone has insecurities and flaws. But – everyone also has special differences that your neighbor might not.  Accent the positive and draw attention away from your so-called “negatives.” A fitted blazer looks good on everyone. Find things that accentuate your thinnest point. Throw on a waist belt. Find pants that fit the largest part of your leg and flow straight down from there. Elongate your neck with flattering V necks, boat necks, or sweetheart styles. Learn the tricks and use them to your advantage.
  • Pick a focus point. Choose one part of your body to be the focus. Love your legs? Rock an embellished skirt, and keep the top plain. Got great arms? Find a strappy tank and pair it with trouser jeans. Add sparkle with a necklace that draws attention to your face.
  • Have fun with trends. Not every trend is for everyone – but they are definitely a way to look fresh and exciting. If you’re nervous – lean towards accessory trends: oversized clutches, lucite heels, over the top glam costume necklaces.

Remember not to take shopping too seriously – keep it light hearted and fun.

Don’t take an ill fitting dress to heart. Simply take it off and move on.

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