Accentuate the Positive.

There are so many things I want to talk about – so many ideas I’d like to discuss – here on SmartGlamour. It’s difficult for me to decide on the right one to start off with. I hope you’ve read my last post and are on board for a world where women have positive body images, succeed in their personal goals and dreams through their own self confidence, and treat one another with uprising kindness. It might seem like we’re far off from that utopian land – but you can change that. And you can change it for yourself starting right now.

One of my biggest lady pet peeves is hearing woman speak negatively about themselves. And I don’t mean an occasional “I feel so bleh today.” Everyone has off days. And let me stress that – everyone. Just today I heard the fit model at my fashion company complaining about her arms and abs (she is a fit model – that means people make clothes specifically to fit her body type.) What I take large issue with – is hearing ladies call themselves fat, ream out a specific body part that they detest, and/or pick and prod at chunks of their skin that simply are not going to change.

Ladies – you are built the way you are built. Focus on being healthy – not making parts of your body disappear into thin air.

But this isn’t really even my main focus. My solution to all this negativity is exactly the opposite – positivity. One of my all time favorite quotes is – “We either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong – the amount of work is the same.” (This quote has been attributed to way too many sources – if you know the real, deal author – please enlighten me in the comments below!) I believe in this whole heartedly. The more time you spend focusing on the negative – the worse you will feel. If you put out positive energy – if you wake up and instead of feeling defeated, throwing on a hoodie and leggings, and pulling yourself sluggishly out the door – you grab that outfit (that I know you have) that makes you feel good and decide that today will be a great day – I guarantee you will feel better about yourself.

Talking yourself down is not helping anyone. And frankly – I’m not interested in hearing it. You are smart, beautiful, and worth something. Talk about something worthwhile! In the past, I’ve even given some lady friends some tough love by insisting that I wasn’t going to speak to them unless they had something positive to say. And you know what – they found something.

To further drive my point home – I stumbled upon an amazing body image article on Jezebel today that gives you ten things to think about instead of shaming yourself and your body. It includes some real gems such as – “If all else fails, just get out of your head. Look around and ask yourself what moves you about the human form, historically, contemporarily, artistically. Remind yourself that bodies in all shapes and sizes of all ages are interesting, unique, strong, useful. That we are nothing if not utilitarian creatures. That our bodies are meant to do things and show it. Anyone who tries to make you feel that ALL you are is an object to be weighed, when in fact you are object, subject, protagonist, antagonist, villain, hero and especially the NARRATOR of this story you call your existence, is not on your side. Including when that person is you. Flip the script.” Please check it out here.

Start tonight. Start tomorrow. What you put out is what you’ll get back – so start putting out a message of positivity.

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